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Wyoming Building Supply Casper - 2104 Fairgrounds Road, Casper, WY

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Casper Showroom:
2104 Fairgrounds Rd., Casper, Wyoming
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 Monday - Friday 9 - 5


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Fax: (307) 265-7959 || Phone: (307) 265-7935

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Our People Make the Difference

Lisa Dietz - Certified Designer - SalesName: Lisa Dietz

Title: Certified Designer - Sales


Experience: Been with Wyoming Building Supply since 1994 first as a Sales Assistant then in 1999 was promoted to Retail Sales, before that I worked at Pay N Pac in their kitchen department. I have been in the kitchen industry since 1990.

Additional Certifications: National Kitchen and Bath Association kitchen/bath master school; Crestwood Enhancement Seminar product training course; 20/20 training for computer design training

Personal Information: Married with two school-aged girls, lived in Casper since 1971

Educational Experience: Graduated from Natrona County High School in 1981. In 1987, I graduated from Casper College with a Visual Arts Degree. I went back to Casper College to study drafting in 1991 and graduated with an Associate of Drafting Degree in 1993.

Hometown: Casper, WY

Hobbies: Painting and drawing, camping and boating

Why I work in the building supply industry: One of the reasons I work at Wyoming Building Supply is because it is locally owned. Here at WBS we are like a little family everyone helps each other out, from the owner of the company to the warehouse people, we are all here for the greater good. I have worked in the "big box stores", and in that environment, it is hard to get that kind of teamwork. Also, at a big box store, you have to know a little bit about everything in the store and you really can't be a master at anything. Here at WBS I feel we are the "Masters" in the kitchen industry and we do that one thing very well!!

Another reason I am in the business is because I enjoy helping people realize their dreams; a dream of having a kitchen that is designed around their unique personality and lifestyle. Anyone can sell you boxes to hang on the wall, but I will give you that personal touch that will make the kitchen truly yours and unlike anyone else’s. I pride myself in that.

Finally, the number one reason I work at Wyoming Building Supply is because I am extremely passionate about my job and absolutely love what I do. I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. I feel blessed that I have this opportunity to work for such a great company and do what I enjoy everyday.

Brent Eaton - Contractor SalesName: Brent Eaton

Title: Contractor Sales


Experience: I have been employed at Wyoming Building Supply since 1998.

Additional Certifications: Crestwood Enhancement Seminar product training course; 20/20 training for computer design training

Personal Information: Married with 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl

Educational Experience: Graduated from Highland High School, which is located in Pocatello Idaho, in 1984.

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Hobbies: Chasing my kids around the country for their miscellaneous activities. Hanging out with my family, and Golf.

Why I work in the building supply industry: I really enjoy working with people, getting to know them, and being able to help them out with their dreams.

Cale Ferrell - Sales - Design Consultant - Riverton/LanderName: Cale Ferrell

Title: Sales - Design Consultant


Experience: Straight out of high school I started working as a general laborer at my cousins custom cabinet company. Over the next 15 years I worked my way thru every job possible in the production line from sanding, building, finishing and installation all the way up to Sales. Within my family back home there are multiple construction company owners in various trades all of which I have spent some time with working and learning.

Additional Certifications: 20/20 Design Certification, Multiple Historic Preservation Awards in Nashville, TN.

Educational Experience: SAE Institute of Technology

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Hobbies: Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Exploring this beautiful state we live in.

Why I work in the building supply industry: The purchase of a home is the largest financial decision for most people. Working with homeowners to be sure they receive the best product for their needs and style is rewarding on a daily basis.

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